How to get Free ZP/Z8 Points Crossfire *Part1*

Apply to my new clan.!!! Below is the Link! http Since you can upload videos over 10 minutes i sadly did the parts. I guarentee that all the files you download do not have Viruses. Do what the video says and you will get the ZP. If you have any problems just PM me. REMEMBER TO HAVE MONZILLA FIREFOX 3.0 ______________________________________________________________________________ Pogram that do the work: ______________________________________________________________________________ Monzilla Firefox 3.0 ______________________________________________________________________________ RoboForm Tutorial: _____________________________________________ 1.go to 2.Click Free Trial 3.Download and Install

31 Responses to How to get Free ZP/Z8 Points Crossfire *Part1*

  1. mohawk41040 says:

    @pxpc2 get an app on the appstore called text free gold

  2. MacPcPro says:

    all the offers are gone after the new spring patch :(

  3. pxpc2 says:

    @VitoStudiosXD how do you get one number in your ipod?

  4. pxpc2 says:

    @scapi112 its new divide from linkin park

  5. G4NG5T3RBACKofCAE says:

    @scapi112 you thinking of The Catalyst

  6. karlthepro says:

    yo i also made a video to get zp free easy, i made a very different method, come watch mine

  7. scapi112 says:

    what song is this??

  8. scapi112 says:

    i like the MOH music =)

  9. MrExtrarare says:

    MAybe this is not a cheat on getting free zp ut to download a keylogging software!

  10. aznpandazmoo says:

    @Liu748 same but then i went all out and spent it on deagle scope…. then a clan member told me u cud of got 120k and now im angry!!!!grrrr

  11. trixstaTUTS says:

    the file is (0.0 MB)

  12. RockinOutTillIdie14 says:

    How does it say ‘Earn free z8 points?

  13. problackops7 says:

    sup duude

  14. yaqxsw123456 says:

    1 . what is the download link
    2 . why i must download it

  15. FROZENMADBOY says:

    it takes time with me :S it’s sooooo hard and bored is there anyway else to get free zp ?? i got auto fill and hotspot..

  16. Clovitox2476 says:

    @Liu748 how?

  17. Liu748 says:

    Lol I got 15000 zp from surveys :D

  18. StarLineRecordZ says:

    How i can get the USA Surveys
    i just have the German :D :D

  19. randomvloguy says:

    @VitoStudiosXD how do you do that???

  20. damagemaniac says:

    @Breloom97 Lol i remember like a year ago Fizix point gainer, and i just remembered it, it does them all 4 u automatically :P

  21. Breloom97 says:

    I never do them because those serveys go on forever…. one servey after another. i just download stuff and uninstall them

  22. AlfieWilRus says:

    does this still work

  23. Kevinhoo50 says:

    When i do surveys i dont get any zp

  24. SuperRaywilliampenis says:


  25. leverious206 says:

    @bzo778 your a fuckin raper face monster for geting zp waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want sum so bad and im gay so eat a fat chick in a spongy bread covered in monkey diarea

  26. Krysten says:

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  28. Manie Hassen says:

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